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You are:

The Hot & Dry Type


You have experienced extreme stress, chronic sleep deprivation, or you have worked the "graveyard" shift overnight.  This type is caused by chronic illness or prolonged fevers, excessive alcohol or drug use, overexposure to radiation, or heavy blood loss.  You are prone to severe exhaustion or burnout syndrome, spermatorrhea (in men), Sjogren's syndrome, or chronic pain in your lumbar spine.

Possible Symptoms:

  • night sweats

  • hot flashes

  • agitation

  • red cheeks

  • dry mouth

  • sore or dry throat

  • thirsty

  • lower back pain

  • bone pain

  • ringing in the ears

  • hearing loss

  • dizziness

  • forgetfulness

  • infertility

  • impotence

  • premature ejaculation (in men)

  • deep, dark circles around the eyes

  • hot palms of hands and soles of feet

  • depression

  • mental sluggishness

  • premature aging


  • Physical or mental overwork

  • Lack of sleep

  • Natural aging

  • Excessive sexual activity

  • Prolonged emotional strain

  • Chronic illness

  • Poor diet

  • Genetics

  • Prolonged fever or illness

  • Excessive alcohol or drug use

  • Heavy blood loss

Helpful Tips:

  • Avoid excessive physical or mental overwork.

  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep.

  • Go to bed by 10:00 pm.

  • Manage stress by getting regular acupuncture.

  • Avoid excessive sexual activity and hot yoga.

Best foods to eat:
  • Meat: duck, pork

  • Seafood: abalone, carp, clam, crab, eel, octopus, oysters, perch, sardines, scallops

  • Vegetables: asparagus, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, kelp, seaweed, string beans

  • Starches/grains: barley, rice, wheat

  • Fruits: blackberries, blueberries, canteloupe, grapes, pears, strawberries, watermelon

  • Dairy: eggs, butter, cream, goat's milk, sheep's milk

  • Nuts/seeds: black sesame seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds

  • Beans/legumes: kidney beans, mung beans

What to Drink:
  • Room-temperature water

  • Organic goat or sheep milk

Foods & Drinks to AVOID:
  • coffee

  • red wine

  • black tea

  • green tea

  • salty foods

  • spicy foods

  • cinnamon

  • cloves

  • ginger

Healing Recipes

Warm Berries & Cream

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