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You are:

The Stagnant Heart Type


You carry some long-standing emotional baggage and may be experiencing the early signs of heart disease – poor circulation, fatigue, anxiety and/or insomnia.  You are prone to developing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or angina pectoris.  Preventative medicine and stress management are both very important for your type.

Possible Symptoms:

  • heart palpitations or racing heart

  • chest discomfort

  • cold hands

  • bluish/purple lips or nails

  • heart pain radiating down the left arm

  • fatigue

  • anxiety

  • insomnia


  • Long-term anxiety, grief, resentment or repressed anger

  • Unexpressed emotions 

Helpful Tips:

  • See a mental health counselor or therapist to address repressed emotions.

  • Ask your Chinese herbalist about taking herbal medicine to improve blood flow through your heart.

  • Drink only room-temperature water.  Ice cold water can cause constriction of the heart muscle.

Best foods to eat:
  • Meat: venison

  • Seafood: crab

  • Vegetables: chives, leeks, onions, radishes, scallion, turnips

  • Fruits: peaches

  • Dairy/eggs: eggs

  • Herbs/spices: chili pepper, tumeric

  • Other: vinegar

What to Drink:
  • Room-temperature or hot/warm water

  • Red wine (in moderation)

Foods & Drinks to AVOID:
  • cold & raw foods

  • ice in drinks

  • greasy/fried foods

Recipes to Move Stagnant
Heart Blood:
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