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You are:

The Weak Heart Type


You find yourself complaining that you are tired and you have a tendency to cry easily.  You are prone to autonomic heart conditions, heart arrhythmias, and exhaustion.

Possible Symptoms:

  • tiredness or exhaustion

  • heart palpitations or racing heart

  • shortness of breath with movement

  • cold hands and feet

  • tightness in the chest

  • spontaneous sweating


  • extreme emotional strain or sadness

  • blood loss

Helpful Tips:

  • Go to sleep before 11 pm every night.

  • Make rest and relaxation time a priority.

Best foods to eat:
  • Meat: beef, lamb

  • Vegetables: scallion

  • Starches/grains: buckwheat, corn, short-grain rice, oats

  • Fruits: apples, cherries, longan

  • Beans/legumes: garbanzo beans, lentils

  • Herbs/spices: aniseed, chile, cinnamon

What to Drink:
  • Room-temperature or hot/warm water

  • Coffee with cardamom or cinnamon (1 cup per day)

  • Cinnamon tea

  • Hot cocoa

Foods & Drinks to AVOID:
  • cold/raw foods, juices & smoothies

  • ice in drinks

  • ice cream

  • raw vegetables

  • citrus fruit

  • yogurt

  • frozen foods

  • microwaved foods

Recipes to Strengthen your Heart:
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